Play’n GO’s Divine Showdown: An Overview

Slot machine enthusiasts looking for a mythological theme won’t be disappointed. This is a field that is explored by the vast majority of programmers at some point. Divine Showdown, an ambitious slot machine from Play’n GO, is the latest company to unleash its champion into this crowded field. Typically, just one worldview or set of beliefs is represented in mythology slots. Slots for the gods of Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the mysterious deities of Egypt, are plentiful. Play’n GO has taken an alternative approach. Why not mix a few different faiths together instead of keeping them separate? So many positive outcomes!

The gods, however, are not famed for their generosity. They are concerned about their devotees abandoning them for other deities. Four of them together would surely result in some epic battles. Play’n GO has deftly capitalized on this innate human desire to compete by having its four gods engage in a mortal combat throughout the game’s bonus features. Humans desire this to occur because we stand to benefit from choosing the victorious deity.

Divine Showdown has nice visuals, but it might use some polish to really stand out. Its 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline grid lies in front of a mash-up of swords, arenas, temples, and cliffs. This seems like a spot where gods could settle their differences. Below the grid is a bar that scrolls horizontally to allow bets to be made from 20 p/c up to $/€100 each spin.

To see the nine regular icons, including the royal 9 through A, click the paytable. Then come the Greek goddess Athena and the Norse gods Thor and the hammer-wielding avenger Thor, the Egyptian underworld god Anubis, and the Chinese monkey god Wukong. Thor, with his steely eyes, looks remarkably like the Hemsworth brothers, and has the highest payout for five of a kind in the standard game, at 16 times the initial wager. Five of a kind wins with the golden wild are worth 20 times the wager, and it can also replace any other symbol in the game to create more winning combinations. Play’n GO also lists volatility as a very important statistic. It’s important to check the paytable regularly because the RTP might be anywhere from 94.5 percent to 96.5 percent, or even lower.

Highlights from Play’n GO’s Divine Showdown

Several more characteristics can randomly activate on any spin because some gods are notoriously fickle. The first is a multiplier reel that can randomly reward up to a tenfold multiplier at any time. At any time, the gods themselves can appear, each with their own unique power. Thor can transform every god sign into a Thor symbol, Athena can synchronize three reels to spin with the same symbols, and Wukong can generate Wild Reels in which an entire reel is wild. The Multiplier Reel may fall at any time during these bonus rounds.

The word “showdown” suggests physical conflict is imminent. This is part of the bonus round. The scatter is the quad embossed symbol, and it takes three of these to start the free spins. At the beginning of the bonus round, players will select which deity they wish to enter with, each having their own unique abilities.

The Battle Reel is always spun before each new round begins. If it stops on “Spin,” the reels will spin normally for one round. A battle between the player’s hero and the indicated deity will begin if the die lands on one of the god symbols. Instead of spinning reels, Power Symbols cascade over the screen during combat. The winner is the god who amasses the most Power Symbols. The player loses a life if this is the enemy. The bonus game’s quantity of free spins is completely arbitrary. Instead, it goes on forever until the player runs out of lives, at which time the game resets to its original state.

The Result of the Divine Showdown (Play’n GO)

The rest of the game has to be excellent to justify such an ambitious premise. Play’n GO have partially realized this symbiosis with Divine Showdown, but it’s not quite perfect. Initial critique. As good as they are, the visuals fall short of truly conveying the awesomeness of the meeting of four powerful gods. A bit flat, the symbols convey an air of Street Fighter 2. Don’t get us wrong, the visuals are serviceable and effectively communicate action. However, a dash more style and vitality would not have been out of place.

The good news is that, generally speaking, the topic is effective. Rather than focusing on a single pantheon, the concept of bringing together a wide variety of gods is appealing. While developers of slots may make a big deal about exciting battle sequences, in reality, players are only engaging in basic point-and-click mechanics. The conflicts make logic and effectively connect the elements to the theme, despite this inherent constraint.

Overall, Divine Showdown is enjoyable, but it also feels like a bit of a squandered opportunity. You might not think that Play’n GO has given their all to this project. A slot machine with such a grandiose theme had the potential to be extremely popular, but unfortunately it has achieved only mediocre success. Maybe we’re judging it too harshly. Those interested in the subject matter will find a lot to their liking, and they’ll be able to get lost in some tense gaming sessions. The high volatility will separate the committed players from the rest of the pack, and if you’re lucky, you may win as much as 5,000 times your original bet.






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